What do our customers say about HttpWatch?

 HttpWatch has enabled our team to have immediate and accurate answers to the question, 'What is slowing down our site?'. We use it daily to analyze of our wide spectrum of web applications and sites. Its output formats are user-friendly to both human and data extraction tools, and great for storing a history of our performance analysis. 

David Artz - Director, AOL Optimization

 We use HttpWatch to help ensure the performance of our site meets and exceeds the high standards of our community. 

Mahesh Subramanian - Systems Engineering Manager, eBay Inc.

 Just, Wow! - I was pointed to your product in an online lecture by Steve Souders. I knew immediately it was the tool I had been looking for. After three days using HttpWatch Professional, I have cured more ills in my projects than in a month of effort using lesser tools. Thanks so much for this tool! Please, keep it up!  

J. Miller - PA, USA

 You guys have a great product. Keep up the good work. 

Chandra Siva - Architect, Friendster.com

 As a web developer and tech lead at Microsoft for the last 12 years, I’ve used many different internal and commercial tools to trace and diagnose web based application issues. HttpWatch is clearly the best I’ve used and has quickly become the tool of choice for my team. 

Scott Stabbert - Microsoft

 ...thank you very much for HttpWatch! It is the best tool available to learn and understand HTTP and to see what the browser is doing 

Brian McKellar - Development Architect, SAP

 ...HttpWatch is awesome! We use it in QA while testing web applications. It allows us to quickly identify issues on the fly. 

Brent Strange - QA Engineer

 Had to send a quick message to say how great the free httpwatch tool was… Identified problems causing IE errors and the reason for awful bounce rate. Sales started coming in again 30 minutes later.... THANK YOU 

Adam Cowles

 ...your product is great. I do lots of work relating to proxy firewalls (user authentication and authorisation via a reverse proxy such as Apache), and HttpWatch is fantastic for helping with the debug process. I also deal with hardware load balancers and HttpWatch really helps with determining what cookies to use for stickiness. 

Chris Ormandy - Hanston Technology Partners

 HttpWatch is definitely something we would recommend for anyone interested in seeing exactly what their site is doing, with a view to optimising it, diagnosing problems or understanding the interactions between web-browser and server. We found it invaluable during the development of ASPAccelerator.NET. 

Simon Green - Intesoft

 I love this product! It is the most useful tool I have ever seen for this sort of job. 
Well done! 

John Page - Javeo Corp.

 I used to use a sniffer to get this sort of data, but HttpWatch makes it a lot easier. The product has been stable and the interface is simple, but powerful 

Andrew Speer - SA Water

 You guys have done a wonderful job. I really love this product. 

Lars Nielsen - Support Team Lead, Webcetera

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