New in Version 8.5

Support Added For Firefox 10 - 21

HttpWatch 8.5 works with Mozilla Firefox 10 - 21:

Firefox 15

Supports SPDY version 3 and has new SPDY Version Column

HttpWatch supports SPDY version 3 that can be manually enabled in Firefox 15. There's also a new SPDY version column:

SPDY Version

Video Mime Types Added to Filter Dialog

You can now setup a filter based on video content types:

Video Types in Filter Dialog

Supports High DPI Displays

HttpWatch 8.5 now scales text and graphics to support High DPI monitor settings in Windows 7:

Supports High DPI

Improved Handling of Transparent Images

A checker board pattern is now displayed behind transparent images on the Content tab when the border option is selected. The Copy option also adds new graphic formats to the Clipboard that allow transparent images to be pasted into supporting applications such as Word and Powerpoint.

Transparency Support

New in Version 8.4

Supports Firefox 14

HttpWatch 8.4 works with Mozilla Firefox 14.0:

Firefox 14

Integrate with Selenium Using the AttachByTitle Method

Selenium and other automation frameworks can now be integrated more easily with HttpWatch by using the AttachByTitle method:

AttachByTitle method

New Code Samples for Automating HttpWatch with Selenium

Two new C# sample programs demonstrate how to integrate HttpWatch with Selenium in both IE and Firefox:

Selenium example programs

New in Version 8.3

Supports Firefox 13.0 and SPDY

HttpWatch 8.3 works with Mozilla Firefox 13.0 and the SPDY protocol:

Firefox 13 and SPDY

Stream tab shows SPDY level streams

The stream tab can now display information about SPDY requests:

SPDY on Stream tab

Four New SPDY Related Columns

New columns have been added to display information about SPDY requests:

SPDY Columns

New in Version 8.2

Supports Firefox 12.0

HttpWatch 8.2 works with Mozilla Firefox 12.0:

Firefox 10.0

Content can be copied directly to the Clipboard

The new Copy button and context menu item allow content to be quickly copied to the clipboard:

Copy Content

Paste Content from the Clipboard as a File

Content can be directly pasted as a file into programs such as Windows Explorer and Microsoft Outlook:

Paste Content as a File

New in Version 8.1

Supports Firefox 11.0

HttpWatch 8.1 works with Mozilla Firefox 11.0:

Firefox 10.0

Supports IE 10 on Windows 8 Customer Preview

HttpWatch supports IE 10 running on the Windows 8 Customer Preview:

Taskbar Previews on Windows 7

Auto-Completion on the Find and Filter Dialogs

Auto-completion based on well known HTTP values and data recorded in the log file allows faster and less error prone selection of the data required for searches and filters:

Taskbar Previews on Windows 7

New in Version 8.0

Supports Firefox 10.0

HttpWatch 8.0 works with Mozilla Firefox 10.0:

Firefox 10.0

Windows 7 Taskbar Previews

HttpWatch Studio supports Windows 7 taskbar previous making it easier to switch between log files:

Taskbar Previews on Windows 7

New ID and Connection ID Values

The ID provides a simple way to uniquely identify entries in an HttpWatch log file:

ID Value
and the Connection ID shows which TCP connection was used by each request:

Connection ID Value

Add Comments to Pages and Requests

You can now add comments to the log file within the browser or in HttpWatch Studio:

Add Comments to Pages and Requests

Supports HTTP Archive (HAR) 1.2 File Format

HttpWatch 8.0 supports the enhanced the HAR 1.2 file format for importing and exporting data to other tools and environments:

HAR 1.2

Add any Header, Cookie, Query String or POST data value as a Grid Column

Track changes to headers, cookies or other parameters more easily by adding them as a column to the main request grid:

Using a Named Cookie Column

Easily Add Data Items as a Grid Column

Almost every data item displayed in HttpWatch can be quickly added to the main request grid using a context menu item:

Add data items using context menu

New in Version 7.x

For information about new features in version 8 please see 'New in Version 7.x'.