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Neumetrix Limited

Neumetrix Limited (previously known as Simtec Limited) is a privately held company based in Devon, England.

HttpWatch was first released in April 2002 and was the first tool to provide seamless monitoring of HTTPS traffic from Internet Explorer. Google Chrome support was added in 2017 and Microsoft Edge in 2020.

The widely used HTTP Archive Format (HAR) was initially designed by the HttpWatch and Firebug teams as an open, portable JSON file format based on the HttpWatch XML file export. It is now supported by many browsers and HTTP sniffing tools making it easier to exchange HTTP log files.

We also have a product called SSLRobot that provides fast checking of the TLS/SSL settings on secure web servers. See sslrobot.io for more information.

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+44 845 004 5909

Neumetrix Limited
2 Higher Ashlands
Connybear Lane
TQ12 4SL
United Kingdom

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UK Reg. No:
GB 227517996

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