Fiddler vs HttpWatch

Telerik Fiddler is a powerful web debugging proxy for MacOS, Windows and Linux.

HttpWatch is a network focussed debugger for Chrome and Edge that simplifies the diagnosis of web and network related issues for developers, in-house users or customers.

Why Choose HttpWatch as your Fiddler Alternative?

HttpWatch Fiddler
Closely integrated with Edge and Chrome Works at the proxy level with any browser or application
Windows only Supports MacOS, Windows and Linux
Monitors browser network traffic without configuration changes Configuration has to be changed to add Fiddler as an extra network step. This can change the performance and behavior of the network connection
Fully supports encrypted HTTPS traffic A Fiddler specific CA root certificate needs to be installed and trusted by Windows
Fully supports HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 HTTP/2 not fully supported and is disabled by default
Records output from browser console (Chrome/Edge) Console output is not available
Indicates whether requests were initiated by XHR, Fetch or Service Workers No request indicators
Records requests that were read from the browser or memory cache Only shows requests that resulted in a network round trip
Automatically masks password fields to stop them being recorded Submitted passwords are recorded and saved to log files
Groups requests by page to simplify debugging of multi-page scenarios Requests are stored sequentially from all web pages and tabs with no grouping
Page level timing such as Page Load, DOM Load, etc are displayed in the time chart No page level timings
Displays warnings where performance and security could be improved within the network log A separate analysis tool must be run to gain performance insights
Summaries are available at the page level, complete log file or a selection of requests No summaries provided
Info tips quickly explain headers and other types of data No built-in info tips
Perpetual license for HttpWatch Professional from $450 per user
Includes support by email and forum. Customers and in-house users can send you HWL files using the free Basic Edition

Evaluating HttpWatch

The Basic Edition of HttpWatch is available for free and allows the full set of features to be used against websites in the Alexa Top 20 list (e.g.,,, etc)

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