DevTools vs HttpWatch

DevTools is a set of powerful web developer tools built into Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge covering JavaScript application development, profiling and network debugging.

HttpWatch is a network focussed debugger for Chrome and Edge that simplifies the diagnosis of web and network related issues for developers, in-house users or customers.

Why Choose HttpWatch as your DevTools Alternative?

HttpWatch DevTools
Works with Edge and Chrome Built into Chrome and Edge
Windows only Available on any platform supporting Chrome/Edge
Network focussed Complex set of tools covering JavaScript, HTML, profiling, networking, etc..
Displays headers, cookies, content and timings Displays headers, cookies, content and timings
Records and saves output from browser console (Chrome/Edge) Console output is displayed but not saved in log files
Automatically masks password fields to stop them being recorded Submitted passwords are recorded and saved to log files
Groups requests by page to simplify debugging of multi-page scenarios Log is either clear on each page load or the requests from every page are kept in an unstructured list
Supports a comprehensive of data columns including any cookie or header value Limited range of data columns available
Displays warnings where performance and security could be improved within network log A separate analysis tool must be run to gain performance insights
Can be configures to automatically record and save log files in every browser window and tab No automatic recording function is provided
Summaries are available at the page level, complete log file or a selection of requests No summaries provided
The split display in HttpWatch allows the details of a request (e.g. headers, timing, cookies, etc) to be viewed while still keeping the main request grid and time chart visible Selecting a request to display headers, etc hides all other data columns including time chart
Simple and easy to automate using almost any programming language Does not have a simple programmatic API
Can save to HWL, HAR, CSV or XML files Only supports HAR file format
Info tips quickly explain headers and other types of data No built-in info tips
Log files (HAR & HWL) can be quickly loaded and displayed in HttpWatch Studio DevTools must be opened in the browser before importing a HAR file
Built-in context sensitive help Web based documentation only
Perpetual license for HttpWatch Professional from $450 per user
Includes support by email and forum. Customers and in-house users can send you HWL files using the free Basic Edition

Evaluating HttpWatch

The Basic Edition of HttpWatch is available for free and allows the full set of features to be used against websites in the Alexa Top 20 list (e.g.,,, etc)

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