Version History - HttpWatch 8.x

Version 8.5.59 - 04 Sep 2013

  • Changed: Displays compatibility error message in IE 11+

Version 8.5.58 - 30 May 2013

  • Fixed: A time stamp error could occur in Firefox 21

Version 8.5.57 - 23 May 2013

  • Fixed: The HttpWatch plugin for Firefox would fail to appear if it was initially opened with the Shift+F2 shortcut key
  • Fixed: A deadlock could occur while recording in IE 10
  • Fixed: An access violation could occur in Firefox when recording requests that failed to complete

Version 8.5.51 - 10 May 2013

  • New: Supports Mozilla Firefox 21

Version 8.5.35 - 28 Mar 2013

  • Fixed: The problem with the POST request body in asynchronous XHR in IE 10 was accidentally re-introduced in version 8.5.32

Version 8.5.34 - 14 Mar 2013

  • Fixed: The Content tab failed to display chunked encoded responses
  • Fixed: Very large Cache-Control max-age values could cause a 'bad cast' error

Version 8.5.33 - 11 Mar 2013

  • Fixed: HttpWatch now works correctly when the Simple Adblock add on for IE is installed

Version 8.5.32 - 11 Mar 2013

  • Fixed: A 'failed to load bind info' error could occur in IE 10 using certain third party add-ons

Version 8.5.31 - 04 Mar 2013

  • New: Supports Mozilla Firefox 20
  • Fixed: An access violation could occur when viewing Flash files on the Content tab
  • Fixed: A 'failed to load bind info' error could occur in IE 10
  • Fixed: An 'invalid DNS time stamp' error could occur using HttpWatch on Windows XP

Version 8.5.30 - 11 Feb 2013

  • Fixed: Typos in the HttpWatch help file and Tools menu

Version 8.5.29 - 04 Feb 2013

  • Fixed: Double clicking on an HWL or HAR file in Windows Explorer could cause the error message 'There was a problem sending the command to the program' and fail to display the file in HttpWatch Studio

Version 8.5.28 - 29 Jan 2013

  • New: Supports Mozilla Firefox 19
  • Fixed: The request body of an asynchronous XmlHttpRequest POST message was not transmitted to the server when recording with HttpWatch in IE 10

Version 8.5.27 - 11 Jan 2013

  • Fixed: The BytesReceived and BytesSent properties of the Entry automation class always returned zero when opening a HAR file
  • Fixed: Sorting by the Occurrences column in the warnings summary grid did not sort numerically

Version 8.5.26 - 08 Jan 2013

  • Improved: Now displays browser errors that occur after a 200 OK response has been received from the server, e.g. INET_E_DATA_NOT_AVAILABLE in IE or NS_ERROR_INVALID_CONTENT_ENCODING in Firefox when compressed content cannot be expanded
  • Fixed: Content was not displayed from certain type of servers using deflate compression due to an 'incorrect header check' error

Version 8.5.25 - 21 Dec 2012

  • New: Supports Mozilla Firefox 18
  • Changed: Removed support for Mozilla Firefox versions 2 - 9
  • Fixed: The Cache tab in Firefox did not correctly show the state of the cache after a 304 response
  • Fixed: An access violation occurred when attempting to use the Content tab to view Flash downloads on Windows 8

Version 8.5.19 - 23 Nov 2012

  • Fixed: A deadlock could occur in IE when opening a PDF document in a separate window with auto recording enabled
  • Improved: Updated the error message displayed if the plugins.click_to_play setting in Firefox 17 prevents HttpWatch being opened

Version 8.5.17 - 19 Nov 2012

  • New: Supports Mozilla Firefox 17

Version 8.5.16 - 14 Nov 2012

  • Fixed: Selenium could not open Firefox 16 with the HttpWatch extension enabled

Version 8.5.15 - 09 Nov 2012

  • Improved: Reduced the overhead of running with the HttpWatch window open in Firefox on pages that contain many nested iframes
  • Fixed: The undocked HttpWatch window did not always display the correct title in Firefox
  • Fixed: An access violation could occur when closing down Firefox when HttpWatch was recording
  • Fixed: An 'abnormal termination' error could occur in IE

Version 8.5.13 - 09 Oct 2012

  • New: Supports Mozilla Firefox 16
  • Improved: DNS Lookup and Connect timings are now available in IE 10
  • Improved: HAR and XML exports can now handle requests with data compression errors
  • Fixed: An access violation occurred when using the AttachByTitle method with IE 8
  • Fixed: A 'Not enough storage' error could be displayed when HttpWatch encountered truncated UTF8 character sequences

Version 8.5.6 - 03 Sep 2012

  • Fixed: The HttpWatch add-on in Firefox could be replaced with a black or gray rectangle when keyboard focus was moved to it on pages containing Flash plugin objects
  • Fixed: A URL fragment in a redirection response was included in the URL of the resulting request recorded in the HttpWatch add-on for IE
  • Fixed: An 'Invalid DNS time' error could occur in Firefox 15

Version 8.5.5 - 29 Aug 2012

  • Improved: The error message returned from AttachByTitle now includes a reference to setting up Selenium profiles correctly for HttpWatch
  • Fixed: A time stamp error could occur in Firefox 15

Version 8.5.4 - 28 Aug 2012

  • New: Supports Mozilla Firefox 15
  • New: Supports the SPDY version 3 protocol in Firefox
  • New: Added a SPDY version column
  • New: Added video mime type options to filter dialog
  • New: Supports High DPI display modes in Windows 7
  • New: Content tab shows a checker board background for transparent images when the border option is enabled
  • New: Content tab adds PNG and transparent bitmap formats to the clipboard allowing transparent images to be pasted into application such as Word and Powerpoint
  • Fixed: HttpWatch could block for several minutes in a CPU bound loop when attempting to display tool tips for very large text items
  • Fixed: Invalid HAR files could be generated if HTTP header values contained embedded null characters

Version 8.4.14 - 27 Jul 2012

  • Fixed: The installer could incorrectly report that third party extensions were disabled in IE
  • Fixed: HTTPS connections to Facebook in Firefox 13 and 14 were not correctly recorded
  • Fixed: The automation interface failed to create instances of IE 10 on Windows 8 x64 Release Preview
  • Fixed: An error message could be displayed when attempting to open HttpWatch for the first time in IE 9 or IE 10

Version 8.4.13 - 19 Jul 2012

  • Fixed: The error message 'Request not found' could be displayed in Firefox 14
  • Improved: The error message for HAR import errors now contains information about the source of the HAR file
  • Improved: The documentation for the Header Name property now highlights that HTTP header names are case insensitive

Version 8.4.12 - 16 Jul 2012

  • Changed: Updated description for warning HW1011 to indicate that Cache-Control: Public is only required for caching of HTTPS resources in Firefox version 3.6 and earlier
  • Improved: Added links from automation samples to documentation at

Version 8.4.11 - 13 Jul 2012

  • New: Supports Mozilla Firefox 14
  • New: The AttachByTitle method on the Controller automation class makes it easier to integrate HttpWatch with automation frameworks such as Selenium
  • New: Added sample programs and documentation for automating IE and Firefox with HttpWatch and Selenium

Version 8.3.19 - 25 Jun 2012

  • New: Added sample program and documentation for automating IE with HttpWatch and WatiN 2.1
  • Changed: Updated sample .Net programs to use Visual Studio 2010
  • Fixed: 'Year is out of range' error could occur with IE 10

Version 8.3.18 - 11 Jun 2012

  • Fixed: An error could occur if SPDY requests were active when recording was started

Version 8.3.17 - 07 Jun 2012

  • Fixed: SPDY request data was not handled correctly when several requests were queued up on a SPDY connection
  • New: Added data tips for the Strict-Transport-Security and X-Content-Type-Options response headers

Version 8.3.16 - 05 Jun 2012

  • Fixed: Deflate compressed content was not handled correctly in SPDY requests to

Version 8.3.15 - 01 Jun 2012

  • New: Supports Mozilla Firefox 13
  • New: Supports SPDY protocol in Firefox 13
  • New: The HWL file format has been changed to support the SPDY protocol. HttpWatch versions 8.0 - 8.2 would need to be updated to read HWL files from version 8.3
  • New: Stream tab shows SPDY level streams and the number of data frames used in request and response messages
  • New: The SPDY stream ID is displayed on the Overview tab when appropriate
  • New: Added IsSPDY and SPDYStreamID properties to automation interface
  • New: Added four new SPDY related columns in the Network column group
  • New: Added _SPDYStreamID custom field to HAR export file
  • Fixed: The Columns window did not correctly remove recently added columns

Version 8.2.12 - 27 Apr 2012

  • New: Added HttpWatch icon to HttpWatch menu items in Firefox
  • New: Added Copy context menu item to image and flash views in the Content tab
  • Fixed: Corrected some typos in the help file

Version 8.2.11 - 24 Apr 2012

  • New: Supports Mozilla Firefox 12
  • New: Textual and image based content can now be directly copied to the clipboard using the new Copy button on the Content tab
  • New: Content is also copied to the clipboard as a file so that it can be directly pasted into programs that support this clipboard format. For example, content can be pasted as a file into Windows Explorer or as an attachment in Microsoft Outlook

Version 8.1.13 - 22 Mar 2012

  • Fixed: The New method of the IE automation object now works correctly with the 32-bit version of IE 10 on Windows 8 64-bit Customer Preview

Version 8.1.12 - 14 Mar 2012

  • Fixed: Comments containing multiple lines of text are now correctly exported in CSV files
  • Fixed: Page level comments are now exported in CSV files
  • New: By default requests are grouped in the same page when there has been less than 5 seconds of inactivity. If required, this can be overridden using a DWORD registry value called HTTPIdleGroupingSecs in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Simtec Limited\HttpWatch for IE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Simtec Limited\HttpWatch\Firefox_Plugin for Firefox. Supported values lie in the range 1 - 30 seconds

Version 8.1.11 - 12 Mar 2012

  • New: Supports Mozilla Firefox 11
  • New: Supports Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 Customer Preview
  • New: The Find and Filter dialogs intelligently provide auto-completion values based on commonly use HTTP terms and the data recorded in the log file
  • Improved: Added data tips for X-XSS-Protection and X-Frame-Options response headers
  • Improved: Now recognizes Windows 8 as an operating system in the Properties window instead of reporting 'Windows 6.2'
  • Improved: The base64 encoded values in HAR export files now have improved compatibility with other libraries and tools through the support of the trailing '=' padding convention
  • Improved: Errors detected during import of base64 encoded sections of HAR files are now reported in more detail with location information

Version 8.0.12 - 28 Feb 2012

  • New: Added data tips for HTTP headers used during WebSocket opening handshake
  • Improved: The compression used in the setup programs has been improved leading to a 60% reduction in download size
  • Fixed: An access violation occurred in Firefox 10 when a page requested a WebSocket connection

Version 8.0.11 - 15 Feb 2012

  • Fixed: Some forms of incorrectly labelled binary content could still be output in the HAR Text object
  • Fixed: An integer divide by zero could occur when exporting CSV files
  • Fixed: An access violation could occur when attempting to view the Windows 7 taskbar preview of a log file that failed to load
  • Changed: Added to allowed list of domains in HttpWatch Basic Edition

Version 8.0.9 - 06 Feb 2012

  • Fixed: An access violation could occur when recording in Firefox 10.0

Version 8.0.8 - 02 Feb 2012

  • Improved: Flash and image files can now be exported from the Content tab even if they have an invalid format
  • Fixed: Binary content that is incorrectly labeled as text/* by the server no longer corrupts HAR files by inserting invalid characters into the Text element. In a HAR 1.2 files content like this is exported in base64 encoded format
  • Fixed: Binary content was only included in HAR files if the version was explicitly set to version 1.2 with the ExportHAREx method. Base64 encoding of binary content is now used by default with the ExportHAR method and the 'Export HAR...' menu item

Version 8.0.7 - 30 Jan 2012

  • Fixed: An access violation could occur when right clicking on an empty part of the main request grid

Version 8.0.6 - 30 Jan 2012

  • New: Supports Mozilla Firefox 10
  • New: Supports Windows 7 Taskbar Previews
  • New: Uses new style of File dialogs on Windows 7
  • New: ID value unique identifies each recorded HTTP request
  • New: Connection ID value shows which request used which TCP connection
  • New: Supports HAR version 1.2 file import and export
  • New: Comments can be added to requests and pages
  • Improved: Performance has been improved in several areas including updates to the main grid display and stepping through requests
  • New: Fields for CSV export can now be chosen by clicking on a button in the Export dialog
  • New: Named cookies, POST values, query string arguments and headers can now be added as columns in the main request grid
  • New: Almost any data item in HttpWatch can be quickly added as a request grid column using the context menu
  • New: Automation interface has been updated for new data items such as Connection ID and Comments
  • New: NextPageComment property on the Plugin object specifies the comment that should be added to the next page recorded by HttpWatch. This provides an easy way to annotate pages while running an automated test script.
  • Changed: Automation interface has backwards binary compatibility with version 7.x but not version 6.x
  • Fixed: IsLoadingPageEx doesn't return false for at least httpIdle seconds after the last call to GotoURL

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