Version History - HttpWatch 13.x

Version 13.1.3 - 06 Jan 2021

  • Fixed: An 'unmatched message' error could occur with Chrome and Edge

Version 13.1.2 - 04 Jan 2021

  • Fixed: A 'relative URL not available' error could occur on some web pages

Version 13.1.1 - 30 Dec 2020

  • New: The page URL (including fragments) is now shown for each page group. This makes it easier to debug Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) where URL fragments may be used for navigation.
  • New: URLs are now displayed in a shorter, page relative format by default. The full URL is still shown on the Overview tab, in info tips and when copying to the clipboard
  • New: The 'https://' prefix on URLs is no longer shown by default as HTTPS is now the preferred scheme for all requests
  • New: A red warning triangle indicator is now displayed next to insecure HTTP URLs
  • New: A 'URL Display' tab in Tools->Options controls how URLs are displayed
  • New: Added a URL property to the Page automation class
  • New: Warning HW1011 has been added to highlight HTTPS requests that did not use the HTTP/2 or later network protocol and could therefore affect performance
  • Improved: Warning HW2001 now warns about any use of HTTP not just of on secure pages
  • Improved: URL indicators are now displayed in the Path and Query column
  • Improved: A new page group is created in Chrome and Edge when the user interacts with a page using the mouse or keyboard
  • Improved: Now displays parameters in Chrome and Edge for some types of POST requests where the POST tab was previously empty
  • Fixed: Requests could sometimes be incorrectly shown as originating from a service worker
  • Fixed: Using the F1 key in the Chrome and Edge extension did not display context sensitive help
  • Changed: HttpWatch 13.1 now requires at least version 13.0.19 of the Chrome and Edge extensions. If you are working in an offline environment the extensions can be updated using the CRX files in the HttpWatch install directory. (See 'Manually Installing Chrome and Edge Extensions' for more information)

Version 13.0.17 - 05 Oct 2020

  • Improved: If a target_closed error occurs while recording in Chrome or Edge the error message suggests checking whether the Adobe Acrobat extension is installed. This extension always produces this error in HttpWatch unless it is disabled or set to only allow site access by 'On Click'

Version 13.0.16 - 03 Sep 2020

  • Improved: The installer now detects additional issues with the registry that could prevent installation
  • Fixed: Suppressed some warnings that did not apply to requests intercepted by service workers
  • Fixed: A 'pure virtual call' error could occur when closing HttpWatch in Chrome or Edge

Version 13.0.15 - 05 Jul 2020

  • Fixed: An error could occur when installing HttpWatch with IE support in a custom file folder
  • Changed: The prompt displayed when the debugging banner is closed in Edge and Chrome now shows that the command line option --silent-debugger-extension-api is required to suppress this banner

Version 13.0.12 - 22 Jul 2020

  • Fixed: A 'loading failed' error could occur in Chrome and Edge

Version 13.0.11 - 16 Jul 2020

  • Fixed: An 'invalid string position error' could occur when opening an HttpWatch Professional license file
  • Improved: Added instructions on how to pin the HttpWatch extension button to the Chrome version 83+ toolbar

Version 13.0.9 - 15 Jun 2020

  • Improved: The installer now detects more registry configuration issues that could prevent installation completing successfully

Version 13.0.8 - 12 Jun 2020

  • New: A CRX file (HttpWatchForEdge.crx) for the offline installation of the Edge extension is now installed with HttpWatch
  • New: The HttpWatchCRXFile property of the Edge automation class now provides the location of the Edge CRX file
  • New: A form filling sample program for Edge written in C# using Selenium is now installed with HttpWatch

Version 13.0.7 - 08 Jun 2020

  • New: Now supports the use of HTTP/3 in Chrome and Edge

Version 13.0.6 - 08 Jun 2020

  • New: HttpWatch supports Microsoft Edge version 80 or later using an extension hosted in the Microsoft Store
  • New: The installer now allows you to choose which browsers to use with HttpWatch
  • New: The automation interface can now be used to control HttpWatch in Microsoft Edge
  • New: A Find method was added to the Entries automation class providing an easy way to locate requests by URL or ID
  • New: HttpWatch now restores the original position of extension and log windows even if they were placed using the Windows Snap feature
  • New: Indicator symbols next to a request's URL show whether it was created using the XmlHttpRequest (XHR) or Fetch APIs (Chrome and Edge Only)
  • New: The Result column now shows if a request was handled by a service worker
  • New: The Result column now shows if a request was returned from the memory of prefetch cache (Chrome and Edge Only)
  • New: A diamond indicator symbol next to a request's URL shows that it was generated by a service worker
  • New: Displays the SameSite attribute for cookies received from the server
  • Improved: Detects the use of JSON even if the wrong content type has been set. Password masking and formatting will be applied in these cases

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