HttpWatch Software Maintenance

Software Updates

Neumetrix Limited periodically releases updates to HttpWatch to fix problems, improve performance or to add new features. A software update is defined as a minor release to the current version of the HttpWatch that results in new setup program being made available for download. The minor version number may be changed by an update, but the major version number will remain the same. For example, versions 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 would be minor releases, or updates, to version 4 of HttpWatch.

You automatically qualify for any and all updates to the version of HttpWatch that you have purchased.  For example, if you purchased HttpWatch Professional 4.x you would be able to download and install versions 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, etc for free.

Software Upgrades

A software upgrade occurs when there are major changes to the functionality of HttpWatch and the major version number changes (e.g. HttpWatch 3.2 to HttpWatch Professional 4.0). The upgrade is optional and you may continue to use the version that you purchased. If you decide to upgrade then you are required to purchase an upgrade license.

HttpWatch Professional licenses now include 1 year of maintenance and priority support from the date of purchase. If any upgrade occurs during the period of maintenance coverage, it will be made available to you free of charge. You can optionally extend this period of maintenance by renewing the maintenance each year when it expires. Reminders to renew the maintenance will be sent to the email address you supplied when you purchased your license.

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